【台灣精製】PAR38 LED燈泡(遠紅光Far Red;730-740nm)|E27頭|15W超高亮度,聚光型|(植物燈 投射燈 fr nfr)

【台灣精製】PAR38 LED燈泡(遠紅光Far Red;730-740nm)|E27頭|15W超高亮度,聚光型|(*Key: LED燈管 崁燈 植物燈 投射燈 fr nfr 崁燈)
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Impact on tissue culture LED plant growth red and far-red spectrum flux ratio (R / FR) on plant morphogenesis , regulation has an important impact on plant height . R / FR ratio control plant morphology has become an important evaluationPARameter . Fujiwara and other studies have found , LED light source , the red LED and red LED light source far more influence than Fluorescent light built form plantlets and growth . Tanaka et al study found that the red LED orchid plantlets promote leaf growth but reduced the chlorophyll content of dry weight , stem and roots . Lian research showed that: In a separate red LED light, lily vitro culture growth index and lower dry matter accumulation bulbs , which alone leads to lower CO2 assimilation red light effects. This result confirms the findings Goins , such as the red LED will be used in the photosynthetic production of wheat. However, the red or far-red LED on the growth of the plant tissue culture reports are not consistent. Miyashita and other studies have found increased PPFD with red LED , potato plantlets stem elongation , chlorophyll content also increased , but the leaf area and dry weight of no significant difference. Nhut other studies show that the red LED light, strawberry leaf tissue culture stretching elongated petioles , stem elongation significantly , but reduced the chlorophyll content . 

鋁 / 塑膠大功率LED x 12顆35度
E27燈頭, 可搭配vitaLED專用(1)軌道燈座; (2)直插型崁燈座; (3)專用工作燈座
Input AC100-240V (國際通用電壓) , 非低價單電壓產品


Kim and other studies suggest that a single red LED or red LED + LED treatment under far-red light , chrysanthemum stem tissue culture too fragile stem elongation lead to other important indicators also reduced growth , on the whole is not conducive to the normal growth and development of plants. Hahn et al found that the inhibitory effect of digitalis red LED on stem growth of plantlets . These phenomena are considered to cause the red light is monochromatic light energy systems available Ⅱ Ⅰ and uneven distribution , thus inhibiting the growth of stems . In addition, the study PPFD were 45 μmol / (m2 · s) of different light quality LED bulbs on the experimental results orchids small irradiation , we found the red LED treatment on callus induction from fragments of the original bulb is the most effective.

搭配各款單顆LED光色與亮度規格表↓↓↓(簡易說明: ex.白光6000K,如下表每顆約120lm*12燈=1440lm)